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05/01/12 04:58 AM #29    

Catalino Trinos (1965)

we had already our reunion last  january 2012 at vivencio tangcangco's resort at pansol. Present are Romeo Sarmiento, Tikboy Dalmacio and many others. Where do live now. Kailan ka magbabalik bayan? Among those present at Balik Canlubang reunion are Gerry Tobias, Loida Calica, Abet Garcia, Serafin David.

06/04/12 02:20 AM #30    

Adrian Genota (1992)

Hi to everyone, I'm Adrian B. Genota a graduate of our beloved Rizal Institute Batch 1992 and now a sales representative in a company engaged in industrial fabrication. I would like to offer our services to my fellow Rizalians who are working in a company with fabrication requirements. Services we offer follows - General Machining, CNC Machining (CNC Milling, CNC Lathe) Welding jobs, Metal, Plastic & Rubber Fabrication. This is my mobile number. 09295314219 & 09328498384.  Hope to be in touch with you guys! Thanks!






09/07/12 04:55 PM #31    

Sherwin Villarama (1999)

Hi Ms. Mellie,

How can I create a folder for our batch pictures? I came from class 1999?

09/08/12 08:26 PM #32    


Mellie Contreras (Faunlagui) (1962)

Go to Community Gallery and click on one gallery, it will show the menu create your own gallery.

07/05/14 02:15 AM #33    


Mellie Contreras (Faunlagui) (1962)

I must say, thank you for visiting the RI/Canlubang website. I will forward your comment to Lito Tacujan and he, personally will address your comment. 

07/10/14 08:59 PM #34    


Mellie Contreras (Faunlagui) (1962)

Thanks Manolito Reyes for catching my typo - was corrected to 2014...

03/24/15 10:34 PM #35    

Jesus Tapay (1953)

It is with much sorrow that I have to announce the death of my brother Domingo (Donnie) Recio Tapay last night at Capitol Medical Center. His body lies at Arlington Funeral Home in Araneta Avenue, Q.C. On Sat. March 28, his body will be transferred to our ancestral home in Lipa City. On Sun. March 29, funeral services will be held at Floral Garden, Marawoy, Lipa City.

Jess Tapay

03/24/15 11:39 PM #36    


Mellie Contreras (Faunlagui) (1962)

So sad to hear the news of his passing. Rest assured of our prayers. 

03/26/15 03:55 AM #37    


Raolito Beltran (1963)

I was shocked when I see the post of Mellie Faunlagui that my former board mate at Misericordia St.,Santa Cruz, Manila pass away. Donnie, thanks for letting us know about your brother Jesus Tapay pass away.May his soul rest in peace. Our deepest condolence Donnie to his family left behind and we wish have wings like an angels to see him on his last journey to our temporary place in this agonizing world as what St. Paul in his letter to the Romans 8:18-25...Destiny of Glory.I consider the sufferings of the present to be as nothing compared with the glory to be revealed in us.Yes, we know that all creation groans and is in agony even until now. Not only that, but we ourselves, although we have the Spirit as first fruits, groan inwardly while we await the redemption of our bodies. In hope  we were saved. But hope if its object is seen; how is it possible for one to hope for what he sees? And hoping for what we cannot see means awaiting it with patient endurance.

Once again our condolence to your loss Donnie and to his family.

Raolito & Estela Beltran

04/26/15 08:16 PM #38    


Mellie Contreras (Faunlagui) (1962)

Mr. Manolito Reyes,

There is no reason for correcting him. He knows Donnie who passed away and he knows he was his boardmate in Misericordia. He had the names twisted and so let it be.



12/17/15 12:12 AM #39    


Raolito Beltran (1963)

I was so nice you are all still in contact with one another. Those who were not able to attend, I guess the best thing is to pray for them as they pray for all of you too where ever they are? We all believe in the power of prayer...The triumphant, Militant and the Suffering. Stay intact as a big family...Raolito Beltran

12/22/15 10:55 AM #40    


Remedios Pusag (David) (1961)

Hi there Lito and Elena Reyes,

class 61 is planning to celebrate our Emerald Jubilee April 10, 2016. Various committees were formed to spearhead the celebration. 

We hope to reach to as many members as possible. Will you be among us?

wishing you the merriest of Christmas and prosperous 2016!


for Class 61,

Remie Pusag David

07/30/16 02:38 AM #41    


Raolito Beltran (1963)

It was good that Manolito Reyes post our teacher who help us so much in our Agriculture, gardening, planting vegetables. I did know that she passed away, she was our neighbor at LEDC but did not have contact since we sell our house because of looking for a greener pastures to get out of our beloved Philippines. I ended working as Piping Engineer in Theran, Iran while my wife Estela working  as Nurse very far from my place where I live. It took 10 hours in the bus to see her during weekend in Burogen near Isfahan, Iran. During the political turmoil in Iran during the reign of Shah, I told my wife to go back home at LEDC, Canlubang, Laguna and my teacher Ms. De Leon is asking about me as my wife sending me letters. I did not go back home cause I owe much money for my airplane ticket to my mother in law to pay her back. Found a job in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as Outside Plant Engineer and resign after a year cause the company promise to bring my family. Miracle happen asking prayer to The Carmelite nuns in Quezon City that I could go back to Saudi Arabia, while looking for a job in Ermita I met an employer and lend her money for the taxi cause he has no Philippine pesos. Told me to come back the office in Ermita where they are interviewing and hiring engineers and told me he will pay me back. The guard would not let me in but he saw me at the door and let me in. He hired me cause he has the list of people of my former Canadian boss and inform me that I am on the list. When back to Dammam, Saudi Arabia with my family, where my former boss was re-assign. Miracle really happens if you just believe in your heart. That was year 1979 when I say goodbye to our beloved teacher Ms. Fabiana De Leon...May she rest in peace accompany with angels in heaven.

After 11 years of stay in Damman, our bio data to USA arrived and ended up to be here in the land of milk and honey but when I arrived here cannot find a job for 7 months, dissappointed to be here in USA. I want to go back home in the Philippines. miracle happen again while praying and met a Filipino in the mall and was hired as Mechanical Draftsman was laid after a year. Study at night at ROP, Cerritos College and CalState University of Fullerton to learn computer, AutoCad, etc. We all arrived here in USA July 20, 1989. After a year in staying here my mom died and met the engineering boss at Mitsubishi Escalator and Elevator and gave my resume to him. Miracle happened again that while looking for a job in six month, the Filipino enginering boss called me to apply as Mechanical Elevator drafstman. My boss was laid-off after 5 years of my stay at Mitsubishi and was laid-off after a month too. While looking for a job again for 3 months of searching, my boss was hired in the State of California, DIR/DOSH as Elevator inspector. He ask me to apply and was hired to be an Elevator inspector. Miracle always happen when you ASK, SEEK, & KNOCK at the door of our Lord Jesus Christ as He promise us that He will never leave us nor abandon us. God bless you all my Rizal Institute graduates. Now I am retired enjoying the blessings of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Raolito R. Beltran & Family 

08/11/16 11:36 PM #42    


Manolito Reyes (1959)






Mid this month, a quick glance on this website’s "In Memory Page", I saw a minute (my-NOOT) demise notification of my former high school teacher Ms. de Leon.   For all I know, it could've been posted much earlier  than the day when I saw it.  What surprises me the most are the lack of sympathy and/or tribute entries that should’ve  been bestowed to one of the original Rizal Institute Educators  whose teaching credentials were tested and proven since the early 1950’s.  For the life of me, I can't explain the nonexistent tributes; perhaps most still doesn't know about her passing or no one (who knows her well) follows this site anymore . It isn’t as if she sail off  into oblivion and was utterly forgotten after her teaching career was long over. I saw her pictures at the 2009 Canlubang Reunion, one with Jorge, a former student of hers, posing in a sincere and heartfelt manner. Another one,   amongst her peers .  What’ve had happened to them?

Myself and other  former students of hers who are out of the country, most probably didn’t hear the news of it in time from this site because her passing was posted almost like an afterthought footnote with no further explanations.  Apparently, it looks as if someone thinks the sad news of her passing isn't a worthy Homepage News Material which I profoundly beg to differ. I can fully understand the lack of tributes to the other original RI teachers who passed away before this website was formed; Still and all, someone or a group of their former students currently following this website (by the look at it, not much are) should at least do the  decency of writing up tributes for their years of dedicated services in the good old RI educational system.

I’m one of the lucky  high school graduates from RI whose curriculum at the time, includes studies in agriculture. Unfortunately, the Philippines (government) neglected the agricultural sector and instead tried in vain to turn it to an industrial country to compete head on with Asia's big players like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc and now, China. It would've been comparatively much easier to succeed in Agriculture because we've got distinct geographic advantages (good climate, lots of available arable lands, sustainable labor force; to name a few) and a top university to support the technology. Done right, scientific mechanized farming, agriculture industrial revolution could have and should have ensued. The world (including the Philippines?) now imports rice and other major staple crops from countries the likes of Thailand whose nationals, with great vision and/or wisdom for their country's future, studied agriculture at University of the Philippines, Los Baños. Go figure  -    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ...

In High School, several of our teachers  took us to the fields in the middle of nowhere where we learned and actually performed various farm chores all day (animal husbandry, rice & copra production); we rested and gladly picnicked at lunch break. To this day, I can  still reminisce vividly the late Mr. Bartolome Rubio's playful antics towards us and not to be outdone, our equally playful (and witty) comebacks at him. For all of that camaraderies, more times than not,  concerned farm caretakers weren’t amused  as we playfully did our allotted tasks like some kind of juvenile competition games (we had made "planting rice is never fun". 🎶). On the serious side, it’s there where we saw farmers together with their families worked their hardest for pittance, pitiful wages. They're the ones who showed me what hard and honest work really means. Starting as a growing teen with an opened mind and much exuberance, I learned doing physically exhausting manual labor jobs like car repair, machining, welding, electrical repair, carpentry and much more. I've had no qualms being seen grimy doing this kind of work. Not everyone have what it takes to tackle them all and I'm so proud being able to. Acquiring these skills could be much more rewarding than being a run of the mill glorified pencil pushers. Decade and a half later, my early exposures to those multi-trade technical practices helped fortified my then budding Semi-Conductor , Mechanical Engineering R&D jobs here in the USA; the result of which was a major turning point to my  engineering career up until I reluctantly retired  for health reasons, in 2005.

In retrospect, for my good, hard working and disciplined work  ethics, I’m indebted to those poor farmer examples (Back in 2013 Father’s Day, I posted a little homage  for them on this website's Homepage). Similarly, I’m also indebted to the teachers who showed us that while these poor families don’t have much of anything to live on decently notwithstanding, they persevered and somehow gets through the complexities of arduous and thankless rural living way of life. I'm most specially thankful to Ms. Fabiana de Leon for her quadrennium of topnotch guidance and/or advisory role to all of us, her '56-'59 Section F students (F stands for Fabiana's students, not for Failed students). For all of those still with us, continue to live long, seize the days and "Learn as if you gonna live forever"; for those who're not, may they all rest in peace.


11/11/16 02:53 PM #43    


Manolito Reyes (1959)





Not quite a year had passed by, I insinuated that this website is slowly fading away. After all my pleas and entreaties, for some plausible reasons or another that eludes me, no one lifted a finger to  help reverse this (supposedly social media) website's distressing predicament.



11/13/16 08:11 PM #44    


Mellie Contreras (Faunlagui) (1962)

Mr. Reyes, as I have observed, you have too much negative criticisms on the site. I do not have the time to update the RI website on a regular basis. And for whatever reason I have, it is none of your business. I am not just sitting around and work on the site. I requested you to be an assistant administrator, you did it for few months. I do not solicit any money to fund the site, so please be patient. Thank you. 

PS. There are thousands of members and it is only you and you alone who posts nasty comments. 


11/15/16 04:42 AM #45    


Edgardo Tortuga (1969)

It looks like Reyes has a lot of free time. So instead of criticzing he should offer/volunteer to help out and do the things that needs to be done on the website and stop complaining. Or he can stop logging in if he doesn't like what he sees!


11/17/16 01:03 AM #46    


Manolito Reyes (1959)

Just read two responses (was hoping for more) on my three 2016 message forum postings. Finally, after almost a year, somebody took notice and engaged. It’s kind of boring to conduct a message forum by oneself.

Tortuga thought that I might  have lots of free times, reasons why I made those comments. Comment was made as if I was making negative (nasty) criticisms on this website constantly. Nothing could be further from the truth; I'm promoting ways to get members more active. As for free times, I presently spend most of my retirement times designing and fabricating gourd carving equipments that my partner and I might one day mass produce and sell commercially. Time for me is money. I’m also catching up on my solid design modeling expertise.

I don’t exactly remember when, but it’s been a few years back  that I reluctantly accepted a request (or should I say I was forced) to help out on this website as an assistant administrator due to some of my animations and photo manipulations knowhow (Photoshop). As such, I’d designed and updated this website Home Page theme (background) regularly in accordance to seasonal and/or Holidays changes usually with humorous animations. Also, I’d posted a number of tastefully photoshopped RIAA member images (administrator's image on this page is one). Due to vast creative differences, I quit from the collaboration in 2012 and stayed away from this website up until  late 2014 or early 2015 where I found that everything’s pretty much stayed the same as when I left. No  message forum postings at all for the whole year of 2013.  When I look at Alumni/Guest list, of each class year, I can count the yellow check marks with the fingers on my hands. Back then, a yellow check mark represents a member who updated within 6 months. I don’t see this yellow marks any more, must be disabled or nobody updates within 6 months anymore. This miserable site definitely needs help. Since I’ve had my share, how about somebody ask Tortuga’s help this time? He seems sympathetic to the site and he’s more than qualified to do so. In case he accepts, advise him to refrain from suggesting ‘if you don’t like what you see’, stop logging in. That’s a sure way to lose more active members.

I posted three website  criticism this year. First on January, next one on August, and then one this month. I consider them constructive criticism. I pointed out that members are straying away and the reasons why; how to, just like me, get them back. My main complaint isn’t “I don’t like what I sees” but more of about "what I don’t see" (nada nuevo que ver). January comments should show why it’s constructive although I think that posting was conveniently hidden and/or deleted. Sarcastic images and/or animations were meant as a joke to get ones blood boiling and make  them pissed enough to engage (Got you, didn't I ?). A kick on the butt can help jump start recommended changes. The last criticism had gotten quick results. And why not, at the most, it should only take a couple of minutes to execute the needed correction.

I may be the one and only openly posting so called “nasty” comments on this site, but covert and much nastier comments are being spread out there anonymously by mouth. Speaking about covert nastiness, before my comments, I was addressed to as Lito, a nice friendly gesture. As I continued making comments, it became  Manolito, then Manolito Reyes, Mr. Manolito Reyes, Mr. Reyes and now it’s just Reyes.

Did you say you've got thousands of active members?

11/17/16 05:10 PM #47    


Edgardo Tortuga (1969)

Reyes, you're so full of bull, hot air and saliva ware! And you know that!

I don't believe anything you said. if you don't like what you see and you can't help out then don't visit this site! It's that plain and simple!


11/17/16 10:24 PM #48    


Mellie Contreras (Faunlagui) (1962)

This is not the purpose of this website, I created this site at my expense so you will remember who your classmates are, get in touch with them. I took the time to procure records of all batches from the RI registry so you will be at least informed. As time goes by, you forget your batchmates, at least when you see their names, you are being reminded of who she/he is. This was not created to attack or voice out your negativism. Let us stop this barradge of harsh words.  I try to get you updates of people who passed away I AM not in any way connected to any funeral parlor to give you updates of who left us, I receive emails. If you are not happy, you get frustrated just let me know, one click and you are OUT. 

11/17/16 11:53 PM #49    

Tim Trinos Benedicto

My father the late Artemio Benedicto was a teacher at R.I. Anybody remember him? He also played for the Sugar Barons.

11/18/16 02:38 AM #50    


Manolito Reyes (1959)

While your father was not a regular teacher at our section F class (his own class was section B), once in a while, he'd substitute for any of our assigned teachers whenever he or she couldn't make it to teach. That said and with but my little interaction, the least I can say; he's a very good, astute, and no nonsense strict teacher. Quite approachable and well respected by all. He'll be always remembered by those he so influenced. Hopefully, this website and/or former students who were directly under his wings could and should say more. Showing a little bit of gratitude for what all of them has had given us can go a long way for which this site has all but obviated. Group picture below was scanned from a 1957 Rizalian Pioneer yearbook. Few years back, I enlarged and enhanced some of these small, low resolution photos as my little tribute to the significant achievements of their tenure at Rizal Institute. I mimicked charcoal drawing on canvas to hide undesirable picture noises caused by the enlargement process.  One of those is your Dad's. 



11/18/16 07:34 PM #51    


Mellie Contreras (Faunlagui) (1962)

The responses herein is a much better exchange of conversation we are expecting to read and this is the main objective of the site. I cannot be responsible to post everything about each and everyone.  Thank you

08/16/17 05:15 PM #52    


Remedios Pusag (David) (1961)

Hi there Admin Mellie,

RI Class 61 will have another mini reunion this coming November 11, 2017 at Apols Adventure Camp in Bo. Casile. Can we post the announcement here at the site?

and we are adding some classmates who were not yet included in the list-







08/17/17 11:48 AM #53    


Mellie Contreras (Faunlagui) (1962)

Hi Remy, updated your class list. Yes, sure, you can announce your class reunion at this site. 

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